We believe that ethical, environmentally friendly business is the only way to do business.

We achieve this by only including products within our collection which are sourced from suppliers who live our values. All of our own-brand products are made with only natural ingredients from the most ethical sources we can find.

We respect the people we work with. We are open and honest with our customers, we treat our suppliers with courtesy and kindness, and we are responsible for the content we post on social media; ensuring it is inclusive and focussed on natural beauty from within.

All of our products are unisex; where the supplier has marked them otherwise, we call it out and market the product for everyone.



Hi, I’m Emma.

In 2018 I attempted to row unaided across the Pacific Ocean in a crew of 4 women. That’s 2,400 miles, a 50 day journey from California to Hawaii. No motor, no sail, no help. 

I took on the challenge to raise awareness of the impact that plastic pollution is having on our environment. Helpfully timed with the release of Blue Planet, I’m glad to say there is much more awareness around the problem now! 

Unfortunately the row didn’t go to plan. We left Monterey and rowed straight into a storm, with 20ft waves. After the storm passed, illness took a hold and forced our crew to quit the race after 6 days on the water.

The experience made me realise that individuals have the power to make a change. I had already been trying to change my beauty routine to be plastic-free and saw an opportunity to make it easy for others to do the same.

I returned with a new focus on what is really important and a fire in my heart to make Bambu happen. I spent a week in Devon, hiding in an Airbnb working on the business. 

The Bambu collection is a result of hours of trawling the internet, trialling products and building relationships with suppliers who truly live our values; of zero-waste, of sustainable products, and of being respectful to people and the environment. We’re excited to be putting our name to our own range of products which are 100% natural and scientifically formulated.

My journey has exposed me to the impact of the internet and social media. There is an emphasis on how you look, not what you do. Bambu is breaking that.

Bambu builds you up to be strong, so that you shine from within. Our products enhance you, not hide you.

As for the row? I’d be back out on the ocean in a heartbeat.