Today we’re talking about bathroom plastic. Did you know, many of the bottles you have in your bathroom (including cleaning products!) are recyclable? Yet 2.7 billion plastic bottles end up in British landfill every year.

Whilst these are in landfill rather than the ocean (hoorah?), they’re still unnecessary plastic which will break down in a few hundred years and contaminate our soil. Yes, every shampoo bottle you’ve ever used that has gone to landfill still exists. If you’re anything like I was, that’s a lot.

We’re turning the tide on bathroom plastic and helping you find eco-friendly haircare at the click of a button. Our shampoos are packaged in cardboard so they’re totally recyclable and don’t have a drop of plastic in sight.

Our range is expanding all the time in our quest to find quality skincare that’s made with natural ingredients and is plastic-free. We’re currently formulating liquid shampoos and conditioners which are to the highest standard and with ingredients from traceable, known sources. If you have any ideas or suggestions please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!


Director, Bambu Beauty