Does beauty impact the planet?

Does beauty impact the planet?

When I started Bambu Beauty in 2018, I had no idea of the dirty secrets which were hidden in the beauty industry. I saw shelves full of plastic and thought there has to be a better way…

But plastic is no secret. There’s such little transparency in the supply chain that as a consumer it’s impossible to know the true extend of how beauty impacts the planet. Ingredients are sourced in a way that harms the planet, not helps it, and then shipped thousands of miles around the world and creating a huge carbon footprint. Flowers are picked by enslaved people for essential oils whilst children mine for mica. And all too often, the products are packaged in plastic.

Bambu Beauty is showing that it’s possible to clean up the beauty industry. We buy hand-made products from British suppliers so we know where the products are made. We avoid plastic and offer a natural alternative to chemical-filled skincare products.

Every day we work hard behind the scenes to make the very best cosmetics with an entirely transparent supply chain. It’s a much bigger task than I had ever envisaged, but it’s a journey that is important. No person should suffer for the sake of beauty, and beauty shouldn’t cost the Earth.

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